Friday, August 20, 2010

Coming back

Sorry for the delay in posting. My family has been keeping me busy and trying to get me on U.S. time!

After the flights, I breezed through customs. I basically ran past all of the Italians and their children so I wouldn't be stuck behind anything crazy. My suitcase came up rather quickly, and off through the final customs gate I went! Then I was officially back in the U.S.A. I went through the doors where the pick-up is. My 2 sisters, my mom, and one of my cousins were waiting for me (my dad was in the car). There were lots of hugs and tears; everyone missed me, and I had missed them.

We packed up the car, and we headed to my aunt's house which is probably a half an hour from the airport. There we had a "Welcome Home Emily!" party. It was great that I could see my family again and enjoy some classic American foods.

It had been a long day, so after eating we hit the road again. From my aunt's to my house is about 1.5 hrs. It wasn't that long of a car ride compared to traveling in Istanbul! And I blabbed away about my Turkish adventures.

Finally, we arrived in my hometown, pulled up the drive-way, and unloaded the car. I was home. It was weird coming back to my small town after being away for almost 3 months. Everything seemed the same; it takes awhile for things to change here.

I unloaded my souvenirs for my family. They loved them! I brought back all sorts of treasures: scraves, earrings, rocks (sshhh!), and foods. The best gift to them was having me back safely.

Ever since I have been home I have noticed a few things. First my mind is still half-working in Turkish. This is pretty cool for me because it's amazing how much and how quickly I was able to learn the language. Second the climate is COMPLETELY different. I got used to the Istanbul humidity. It's humid here but not nearly as much. As a result, my nose keeps bleeding. I've had maybe 5 bloody noses since I've been home. My mom has threatened to take me to the doctor to get it cauterized, so I'm praying that it stops on it's own!

It's been good to be back home. Seeing some of my friends has been fun, but I'm starting to miss my Turkish friends. It's weird now not seeing those people.

Other than that, I'd say I'm adjusting fairly well. I've been going to sleep at normal times and waking up at normal times. I've been sleeping pretty solidly at night. It hasn't been too bad coming back.

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