Thursday, August 12, 2010

The end is near!

This morning Joy and I went to Ozyegin University with a de-briefing meeting with the international office. We talked about what would make the internships better. Joy and I gladly gave our input on what went well - the companies were great! - and what went wrong - the dorms are in the hinterlands. We also arranged our departure times for next week. I can't believe we will be going home; it feels like we just got here.

I have made really great friends here in Turkey. Joy, my roommate, has been my best friend here. I couldn't have asked for a better roommate. It's great to have someone to go on adventures with. For example, today Joy said that we were going to cross the extremely busy street instead of taking the pedestrian bridge. This shortcut would cut off about 10 min of walking up and down stairs and across bridges. I agreed that this would be a good idea. Well, we crossed all of the lanes to get to the other side and realize that we have to step over a fence. Of course I was wearing a skirt. Joy said, "it's ok, no one's looking!" as she flings her bag in front of my crotch to make sure that no one would see anything. The only people that saw anything were the Muslim women behind me also crossing (but wearing pants...).

It's also great to have someone to gossip with. Our bus driver, as cute and sweet as he is, refuses to turn on the air conditioning. Now, it's 40 C outside (that's 104 for you Farenheiters!). I told Joy today to ask him to turn it on. She responded in her innocent Asian accent, "I wouldn't ask. I would just say 'Bitch turn it on!'". I laughed the rest of the ride home.

Good-byes have never been easy for me. Tomorrow is the last day of work (I think I might have mentioned in an earlier post that yesterday was my last day. I apologize for the confusion, but because I am not traveling that much this weekend my boss and I decided that Friday would be my last day). It will be bittersweet. No, actually it will only be sad. Girisim Faktoring has become my family, and I will miss them greatly when I return to the states. Most likely, I will cry. I'm just praying that I remember to wear waterproof mascara.


  1. The raccoon look is in - no worries!

  2. it's okay em! today was my last day of work and as much as i didn't like it i started bawling my eyes out as i left. it's like we're family/best friends or something like that :)