Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, the traveling is over; I made it back home. It was an eventful day for good and bad reasons. The day started with my hired car (from the university) being about an hour late. The car was supposed to be at the dorms at 3:30, and at 4:15 the security guard called the company asking inquiring about the car. They sent a car, and about 20 min later I was on my way to Ataturk Airport.

When I got to the airport, I had a little over an hour to check my bags and go through security. Normally the time you should allow for these sorts of things is 2 hours I think. I tried to find the shortest/fastest lines to go through. All was going well until I encountered the baggage check-in. Once again my bag was overweight. I didn't add very many things to my suitcase, and I took out and threw away a LOT. Apparently it wasn't enough. I was forced to pay the fee (yikes!). In order to pay the fee, though, I had to go to another counter and then bring back the receipt to the baggage check-in. At this point I was in tears; all I wanted to do was come home. The baggage check-in got sorted out, so it was off to Passport Control for me! This was one of the longest waits. Some people have visa troubles so it can take a long time. Choosing a short line doesn't make a difference because there could be someone with passport troubles in front of you, taking twice the amount of time as it should. After that I dashed through the airport to my gate, making it there to catch the end of the boarding passenger line. I boarded, and shortly after we took off. I slept the entire flight.

Rome was a sour experience for me. We arrived on time to Rome Fiumicino Airport. After exiting the plane I went through a security screening. They had to pull my bags aside because my alarm clock had a peculiar picture on the screen. Then I went to my gate. Only after I sit down do I hear my name being called on the loudpeaker. I needed to go through yet another security check.

The security check went well. I was able to sit and people watch afterwords. People do the strangest things in public. I saw a man using is arm as a golf club to practice his form.

After all of that, I boarded my second and final plane. I fell asleep while I was waiting for take-off. I woke up to find that the plane was running behind schedule and that we were just then going to take-off. The ride went well, and I occupied my time by sleeping and watching movies.

I am very tired as I'm writing this. I have to go to sleep..but I will be sure to finish tomorrow!

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