Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I can't believe it's only Tuesday

Thank goodness that:
1. it is my last week of work
2. I'm going home in 8 days
3. there is a new intern to socialize with
4. I live no where near the Jersey Shore

Today was just another day at Girişim Faktoring.  I spent the day thinking about what I need to do before I leave and getting to know the new intern. Any previous boring days would have been less boring if he had started to work there sooner, but it's been fun nonetheless. I've also been increasing my slang vocabulary, which is entertainment for everyone. I've learned a lot of new words in the past few days that I should have learned when I first came!

I have also been spending my time trying to catch up on American pop culture. Yes, I have submitted to the Jersey Shore phenomenon. That show has caused a deduction from my IQ points, but it's one of those addicting reality shows which is why I screamed when my computer wouldn't play the last 5 min of an episode. In the end, it played again, and I was able to enjoy the drama-filled fist-pumping guido show once again.

Ramadan starts tonight. That means that many (practicing) Muslims will be fasting from sunup till sunset - no food or water! I am not participating; it is too hot not to drink water. Otherwise I would be more willing to try it for a day. This is also the reason (I'm hoping) that Joy and I heard a gunshot. We'll learn tomorrow I guess!

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