Saturday, July 3, 2010

And the whirlwind continues..

Who said I was too proud to take a tour? I caved. My Aussie friend, Kate, and I decided it would be the best idea to just take a tour, where transportation is provided as well as information. It was the best idea ever. The service was great, and we went to places that we never would have thought to go to. Money well spent. The other members of our group hired a cab driver and were going to tell him where to go...not the greatest plan in my book. I am very satisfied with the choice I made.


The tour began with a stop at Goreme Panoramic Viewpoint

Next we went to Derinkutu Underground City

There are 8 levels excavated; it's one of the largest open to tourists. NOTE: don't go here if you're abnormally large or claustorphobic

We then hiked a small portion of the Ihlara Valley.

Saw some old frescoes - there are over 200 old churches in the valley! Sadly, most have collapsed..only 10 or so are open to tourists

Had lunch in a cool hut

Next we drove to Selime. This big rock was a palace as well as a hotel. Surreal.

Kate and I taking a rest on the rocks

In the Cathedral

Another view of the Selime

Then we stopped at a volcanic lake. Gorgeous.

The group at the lake!

 The end of the tour: Pigeon Valley

Me and Kate at Pigeon Valley

Random Facts Learned From Tour:

- Cappadocia came from a Persion word meaning "Land of the Horses"
- Fairy Chimneys came about from volcanoes
- There are 3 volcanoes in Cappadocia
- At the end of Pigeon Valley is the town of Goreme, where I stayed
- Derinkuyu means "deep well" - properly named since the well was 40 meters (or more..can't remember the exact number)

More detail might come later. I have to pack my stuff to catch a night bus back to Istanbul. Kate and I are going to do some touring of Istanbul with one of my friends from the University tomorrow before she heads to Barcelona early Monday morning. Busy, busy, busy weekend!


  1. Very cool - nice photos - you look like you are having a GREAT TIME!!!! love, Mom

  2. great pics....although they probably serve no justice to what it actually looks like!