Monday, July 12, 2010

Word of the week: random

Have you ever had a day where everything was just so..random? Well, that was my day today. Random things, good and bad, happened. First, I got to sleep-in. I had a meeting at the university with the head of the international office. Extra 2 hrs of sleep is a major bonus in my book. In order to get to the university, you have to take a service bus from the dorms. Of course we, my roommate and I - she's taking an intro Turkish course-, didn't know that the time for Mondays was later than every other day. We were only on the bus 45 min early wondering where everyone was. When we finally reached the university I met with the Anjariita from the international office. After the detrimental cab ride last Wednesday night, the dorm director was annoyed with me. She reminded me to be careful of public transportation, especially taxi drivers. She also wanted to make sure everything was going well overall. I assured her it was and that lessons were most definitely learned. Because I was at the university, I didn't take the normal service bus route in the morning. I was forced to take the metrobus. This was my first time ever using it. As fast as it was, I never want to use it again. There were too many smelly people. Gross. Anyways, Anjariita pointed me in the right direction of the closest metrobus stop and off I went. I didn't wait too long for the bus, and I was careful to double check where they were going. Unfortunately, I checked the route but not the direction the buses were going; I got on the one going away from Europe. I had only gone a couple of stops before realizing this, and I got off and got on going in the right direction. It was a very quick ride, and I made it to Europe with ease. I grabbed a minibus to PP (Park Plaza) and was at work with enough time before lunch to check my e-mail. Normally for lunch I like to walk around, either at Istinye Park (the local mall) or around the neighborhood. Well, it was 35 degrees (Celsius..that's 95 in Farenheit) so I chose to go to Istinye Park. I was drinking a lot of water this morning so I needed a restroom as soon as I got to the mall. I followed a corridor that I thought would lead to a bathroom. Instead I found an elevator. There was another woman there; I tagged along for the ride going down a floor (I needed to go down anyways to the food court). I ended up in the residential area of Istinye. I went outside to just go through the entrance back in. Unfortunately there was no entrance nearby, nor could I get back in through the door I came out of. I had to walk around the entire mall, which is nicely placed on top of a hill. After the 20 min walk around the mall, I decided to try some new food: manti (Turkish ravioli/tortellini). Stupidly I told them to put the yogurt sauce with some spices on top. I thought what the heck, it can't be that bad. I can tolerate yogurt some days, and spicy spices are the same way. Today was not one of those days. After 2 bites I couldn't handle it anymore, and it was time to head back to the office. I grabbed some cheap crackers on the way back to work. Once I got back to work, I was assigned to "sohbet", to chat. I spent the afternoon blabbing away about who knows what. 5:30 didn't come soon enough. My evening wasn't so bad. I saw a good-looking man at Joy's office, got a nice nap on the way home, and had a good chicken dinner. In the end, it wasn't a bad day just random.

Random pictures to wrap up a random day!

 SLUG! They're everywhere! AND BIG!

Quite possibly one of the worst pictures ever taken. Ozyegin University. Sadly, this was the best out of the bunch :/


Street in Kadikoy


  1. What kind of food do they serve at WienerWald - it looks like their signs have chickens on them, where we might think of hot dogs - pork/beef? Also - how big are the slugs - is it as long as a pencil - ick!

  2. I have no idea. I just thought it was funny.

    The slug was like 3-4 inches long.