Friday, July 23, 2010

Can it be tomorrow yet?

It all started when I was awoken by incoming travelers at the hostel I was staying at. They were whisper yelling. I had slept enough that I couldn't fully go back to sleep, so I got up early. I ate a nice breakfast and received a discount from my bill because I'm so sweet (that was the highlight of my day!). I left my hostel and went to the Otogar (bus lot) to catch my bus to Fethiye. Well, it was a little more complicated than it should have been. I had to change buses in Aydin, but I've had bus changes before, no big deal. I get on the bus and there is already some little boy screaming. He is located in the seat directly in front of me. He calmed down some when we started driving, but it was still an annoying way to start a 5 hr bus trip. The bus ride went well until I realized that the bus had wireless internet. I decided to check my e-mail to see if my parents had e-mailed me - they are venturing to Hungary alone! I can't believe I let that happen...anyways, there was no e-mail from my parents but from the hostel that I had made a reservation with the night before. The e-mail informed me that something unexpected had happened and I no longer had a reservation; they were now full. I scrambled to find another hostel to stay at, and I e-mailed them. I also took down the number so I could call when I got to Fethiye.

We arrived in Fethiye in good time; it didn't take as long as I had anticipated. I called the hostel. They had no idea what I wanted or who I was, and they suggested I go to their travel agency. That seemed like a sucky idea, so I decided to start in the general direction of the hostel I had originally made a reservation with to see if they were serious, or maybe something else had happened that would free up my bed. Hey, I was being hopeful. As soon as I figured out that I had no idea where I was going, it started to rain. Just great. I hopped on a mini-bus and asked if they knew where the hostel was. They gladly took me there. I played dumb about the e-mail and asked about my reservation. There was still no room for me. I set off to look for another place to stay. There was a hostel a couple of doors down that had an opening, but it was a bit pricey. After I declined, I fell down their wet, marble stairs. I cut open my hand pretty badly, and I have some nice bruises to match. I started walking and I ran into the travel agency that was partnered with the second hostel I tried to make a reservation with. They didn't have any openings, but they called another hostel for me and drove me there. The hostel, which I am currently at, accepted me with open arms. I am so grateful! It rained for a good amount of time this afternoon, but after it stopped I ventured downtown. Fethiye is a charming city. I am waiting for tomorrow so I can go to Oludeniz (just google it!). I also might venture to Butterfly Valley or even possibly to Kayakoy. I'm catching the night bus back to Istanbul tomorrow.

View from my hostel window


Lycian Sarcophagus in downtown Fethiye

The vegetation here is interesing and beautiful

A cactus with pine trees in the background

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  1. Well, at least you found some place to stay! It looks gorgeous! lol, you would Any pictures of your hands/bruises?