Thursday, July 22, 2010

Continuing from yesterday

Baptism Room

You can still see the mosaic tiles!

Nifty Pillar


I didn't want to fall off the ruins. That would've been disastrous!

Castle with ruins in front. Tourists aren't allowed inside the castle (yet...)

More of St. John's ruins

Cistern outside of St. John's

The owners of the hostel that I am staying at also own a carpet store as well as a kebap house. I got an overview of carpet making. I now know how to purchase a genuine and quality carpet. 

Then it was on to the museum!

Interesting statue

Zeus head

Headless statues are always a cool thing to look at

I don't really know what this is besides sculptured stone. But it was BIG.

There are more pics from the museum, but they're not that interesting because I am not "making fun of history" in them. We'll just move on then..

Me at the remains of the Artemis Temple, one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

7 Sleepers

After this last picture my camera died. I went back to the hostel and charged it for an hour. Then I went to Ephesus!

Efes'e Hos Geldiniz!

Let the pictures of rubble commence!



 This is cool because it's fossilized!









Public Latrines


Celsus Library

Sadly the sun was at the worst angle while I was at the Library

At the Amphitheatre



The shops outside of Efes...I couldn't resist!

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