Friday, July 2, 2010

Rocks, Pottery, & Churches Oh my!

 Sweets in Sariyer

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Statue, Sariyer

The Bus!

Those were some pictures I didn't post earlier. I also forgot to say that I am staying in Goreme, and that the hotel I am staying at is the Bedrock Cave Hotel. Yes, just like the Flinstones. It's a really neat place with woven linens hanging every where and the stone walls. And it's really cheap!
Common Room

I had my first experience with a squatting toilet. I hope to never repeat it, although I know that it will happen again. It caught me off guard; all of the places I go to in Istanbul have western toilets. Not the bus station. Blech.

 After eating some breakfast at the hotel, we walked to the Goreme Open Air Museum. The group grew from the original 4 UMers to an Aussie we met on the bus, as well as a Dutch woman who knew one of the guys in the original 4. It was a great, and diverse, group of people. Anyways, we saw a LOT of churches with 1500 year old frescoes in them. It was pretty sweet. Then we ate lunch and decided to go to Pasa Bagi. Originally we were going to walk, but it was outrageously hot outside. We settled for a cab. The first cab we flagged was too expensive, and the driver was not a bargaining man. Eventually some random man and his not-so-up-to-date car showed up agreeing to take us for a cheaper price. He took us the back way so we could get some pictures in. Pasa Bagi was amazing. There were more carved buildings and caves there. Half of the group decided to hike back, while the soccer fans rode back. Obviously I went with riders back, and of course we caught a sketchy ride back with some guy because there were no buses or taxis. 
Neat-o pottery tree

View from the Goreme Open Air Museum

Me at the Goreme Open Air Museum

The Aladdin Door

OLD Frescoe in one of the curches

 1500+ yr old Frescoe. Cameras were forbidden..but I just couldn't help myself (sorry!)

Landscape from the car ride to Pasa Bagi

 Beginning of Pasa Bagi Pictures

BAHAHA Camel rides (no, I didn't partake)

Goreme Cityscape

After taking a well needed nap, the group met up at a local cafe. The atmosphere was relaxing; we ate outside so the breeze cooled us off, and there were nets surrounding the table (no bugs!). What a day!


  1. I was ok until the sketchy rides with strangers - - - ummmm, yeah-no.

  2. It looks AMAZING! Loved the Aladdin door, the pottery tree, and the forbidden