Monday, July 5, 2010


With only 4 hours of sleep, I was pretty much useless at work. I did, however, manage to look up more information about travel in/around Turkey as well as play 17 games of solitaire. Because of this hard work, I allowed myself an early lunch break. I decided to forgo the Starbucks near PP (Park Plaza, my office building) and try a different cafe. It was there that it hit me that I miss American food. No, I take that back. I miss homemade food like mac and cheese. Yum. I don't mind all of the new foods or trying new things. I just want my own kitchen back is all. The smell of a job well done hasn't hit my nose in ages. I've only smelt others' pastries, people with no hygiene, green peppers - which I am sick of. I am so tired of them!!! They're in everything. I have eaten enough here to last me a lifetime -, people with hygiene, and the livestock butcher shop on my way to work. The walk to work is in an urban area, but that doesn't matter. They sell sacrificial meat at one of the stores on the way to work. This means the animals are still alive and living downtown. It stinks.

The sacrifice market

But then, just a little further down the road, there is a wonderful bakery. The smells are astounding and mouthwatering. You can basically taste the breads on the sidewalk.

This picture is from the Prince's Islands

So good!

Who needs Starbucks when you get have Turkish tea and homemade baklava here?

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  1. oooo girl! That bakery looks soooo tasty! I wish I could smell it...i know it's smelling mighty delicious!