Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catching up with some lost photos

Today is the last day I will be 18. So much has happened in the last year; it's insane how much I have grown up. This time last year I knew that I would be going to the University of Michigan. I knew that I wanted to experience new things, and that I was growing up (finally ?). Since then I have finished my first year of college: a year of meeting new people, a year of working out!, a year away from home. I had no idea that I would be spending my next birthday abroad, without any of my close family or friends to celebrate it with (although I am used to having my birthday being "skipped over" - it's the summer and everyone has birthday isn't THAT important).  Not only have I changed, but my family has changed as well. Never would I imagine that my parents would fly to Europe (by themselves not knowing the language!), or that my older sisters would be at home when I'm not. As much as I have grown up, I'm still me: I have no idea what I am going to do with my life, I only have to look at stairs to trip, and ketchup is still one of the best things ever made.

On a completely different and less serious note, I finally ate Turkish McDonalds the other day. I was running out of time for lunch because I went shopping. It was basically the same except the chicken was more real. I probably won't eat it again while I am here. If I am desperate I might try Burger King or KFC or possible Pizza Hut. People here love Dominos though! (The picture is being stubborn, so it's a little out of line)

I also saw a funeral the other day! The police closed off the streets, and the trams stopped. Of course I stopped to take pictures.

Turkish Hearse (I guess...not too sure)

Taking the Coffin into the cemetary

Galata Kulesi

Joy, myself, and Asli at the restaurant for the birthday celebration!

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