Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

19 on the 19th, my magic birthday. It wasn't as magical as I thought it would be; only parts of it were. I started off my day running late, which caused me to forget my public transportation card (akbil). It isn't necessary to have it, but if you do it costs half the price. I didn't have time to do my hair at home so I just threw my straightener in my bag to do it at work. Well, now I know why you're supposed to turn off appliances before you unplug them. That spark was probably the biggest I have ever seen. My arm hurt for a bit after the incident. Work was boring; checks and and more checks. Everyone said, "you shouldn't work on your birthday". I didn't really think I had a choice. I spent my day trying to buy a bus ticket to Izmir. I originally couldn't read the website so a friend was just going to buy it for me and I would pay him back. He forgot to do it, and I have been scrambling ever since to get a ticket. It would be ok except that my computer is rejecting every single website that would allow me to buy a ticket. It keeps giving errors. I have tried multiple bus companies and multiple credit cards. No combination has overcome this block.

These things make it seem like my birthday was all bad. It wasn't. The best parts of my day were when my company surprised me with a cake/mini party. It was my family birthday party. I also enjoyed talking to all of my family members and friends. Even though this birthday was different from the rest, I'm glad I could still share it with everyone!

 Me with the delicious pasta (Turkish for "cake")


As of right now, my plan is to head to Izmir tomorrow night. I will scramble even more to get a ticket tomorrow morning. Luckily Izmir is a pretty busy place, and buses leave Istanbul for Izmir multiple times every hour. I am sure I can find something. I am hoping at least! I am in dire need of a beach.

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  1. that cake looks freaking amazing! Happy Birthday Girly!