Saturday, July 10, 2010

Edirne was today's grand adventure. Edirne is one of Turkey's historical cities; it was the second Ottoman empire capitol (after Bursa).It reminded me of the old part of Istanbul without all of the crowds. There were mosques, ruins from when dinos roamed the earth, and bazaars. Edirne is also known for hosting the oil wrestling festival. I missed that by 1 week; I was a little bit disappointed. It is also known for its fragrant soap - of course I bought some. It was a fun and easy day-trip as well as cheap.
Selimiye Mosque

ahhh Beautiful tiles!

Amazing Architecture

This picture is horrifying on many different levels. First, the flash/lighting was weird in the mosque. Second, I had to wear a headscarf!!! 
Fruit soap! Unfortunately it doesn't smell like the fruit it looks like

Absurd fountain means absurd pose

A primary school. I can't even imagine going there.

Funny statue they had downtown

Old Tower

Ruins behind the tower

Eski Mosque

Inside the mosque

In the vestabule (?) of Uc Serefili Mosque

Cool gate!

Tomorrow I will post more. I am falling asleep as I type. Not ok. Look for more tomorrow!


  1. Hi Em - glad you had a fun cheap day!! love, Mom

  2. Edirne looks cool! Did you go into Greece? Who did you go with?

  3. who did you travel with? loved the fish. I am glad it was inexpensive for you.