Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Current Status

After figuring out the hard way that it's much cheaper to check a second bag than to pay the overweight fine, I finally made it out of Detroit! After the plane was late to the gate, everyone boarded quickly. Unfortunately there was a storm delay so boarders had to stop half way through. The delay was "cleared", path was re-routed, and everyone was aboard. The plane pulls away from the gate, down the runway. The captain then decides to turn around for more gas because there wasn't enough for the re-routed trip. While on the way back to the gate, another storm delay. The tank is filled up. The re-route is deemed unnecessary. We finally took-off at noon.

I am now waiting around JFK airport in New York for another 2 hrs or so. The sun is shining in New York; hopefully no more weather delays or other such nonsense!

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