Thursday, June 3, 2010


I arrived in Istanbul sometime between 11 and 11:30 am Turkish time (that's +7 to eastern time). The second flight also got delayed, for which reasons unknown because I feel asleep while waiting for people to finish boarding. I achieved all of my goals. Sadly, I didn't get pics while landing in Istanbul only New York (hey, that's still a pretty cool city if you ask me) nor were they very good photos. Bummer.

 Photo of Istanbul from walking around the shoreline. Note: ROWERS! :D

When I got to Istanbul, I met one of the internship coordinators right outside the baggage claim. We then drove to the dorms where I'll be staying for the next 3 months. The facilities are outtacontorl! nice. There's a fitness center, tv lounge, I have my own bathroom, and FREE laundry. The people here are extremely hospitable. They are more than willing to help with anything. After the tour was over I walked around Kadiköy, a district in Istanbul, with a friend. THERE'S SO MUCH TO LOOK AT. I'm fairly certain I left a drool trail down the streets because I couldn't shut my mouth. Shops galore - you could probably find anything there.

We did a bit of grocery shopping while we were out. And guess what? Peanut butter in Türkiye!!!! I also discovered that my idea of breakfast vs. a Turkish breakfast is wayyy different. I suggested fruit while my friend suggested a sandwich. Also, I am well on my way of trying new foods. I'm starting slowly - not too much at once. Today for lunch I had some kind of pita pizza (which was delicious!). I also tried ayran -  buttermilk. I'm trying to try all of the new foods, but if you know me you know that that's hard for me to do. I think once I rest up, I'll be able to try more. And I'll definitely be giving that ayran another shot.


  1. I didnt say the turkish breakfast was a sandwich. Its the best thing you could do with those stuff...
    You can see the turkish breakfast here.. It has everything

  2. WOOT! It looks beautiful! I'm glad you made it!
    Turkish Peanut Butter....does it taste the same as USA's pb?

  3. Hah ok, well I'm going to point out all of the fruit that's on that table as well as the bread and cheese. So we're both right.

    I haven't tried it yet. As soon as I do, I'll let you know!