Monday, June 21, 2010

Slow day :(

Today was boring. I didn't do much at work. I had a rough day getting back into the Turkish work world. The weekends can be hard because I don't speak much Turkish with my roommate, who doesn't speak any Turkish! This morning was wasted by trying to translate things that should have taken 5 min. Instead it took 1 hr. Not only that, it still doesn't make sense to me.

I am meeting a lot of the Turkish students here. Most of the school directors think it's good for them to practice English with me, but I need them to practice my Turkish!

Street in Istanbul

 Continuing with the water theme! This is probably the weirdest container I've seen


Beautiful building - I think it's the 4 Seasons Hotel

Haha Posing outside of the Archaeology Museum


  1. I haven't seen any yarn yet. Have you?

  2. yes I have..I haven't purchased any yet.

    I'm glad you figured out the comments! Maybe I said that on a previous one..either way I'm excited :)