Friday, June 25, 2010

Veggies and Faces

Ok enough with the poetic stuff.

Today was as uneventful as the rest of the work week. The only difference is today it was like the whole company was doing nothing in anticipation of the weekend. Thus we took a looonnnggg lunch break to the northern neighborhood of Istanbul called Sariyer. We had traditional Turkish homemade food. The things I had tried prior to lunch were the more modern, adapted foods. Lunch was the healthy, Mediterranean cooking Turkey is known for. That's exactly what it was, Mediterranean. Most of the dishes were vegetables, maybe with meat mixed in. For most of the veggie dishes, the textures were overwhelming and the spices were intense. I ate about half of what everyone else did because it was so hard to get used to. And there was sooo much food; the waiter just kept bringing more. I am proud to report that I tried EVERYTHING. Even if I only took 1 bite, I did it! My co-workers watched my face to see if I liked the foods or not. Apparently they found it entertaining to watch my face pinch. Hmph. It was just so different from American food, I don't even know how to explain it any other way.

 My chicken dish at the restaurant. It was one of the things I could handle

After lunch, I went back to work. I didn't do very much work, but I did a lot of socializing with my co-workers. One of my bosses loves to chat with me in Turkish, but he's very hard to understand sometimes. He has the most hilarious chuckle I've ever heard. Because of it I try 2304872308 times harder to talk to him. And he looks like an older version of Vince Vaughn. I'm also learning idioms from one of the ladies. She's also really hard to understand most of the time, but my listening is improving.

Tomorrow Joy and I are planning on doing some sightseeing around Istanbul. Hopefully some good pictures come out of it!

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