Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hit by a bus

That's what I feel like. I spent the day lying in bed. Oh the joys of jet lag. In between my naps I ventured to the other dormitory to watch tv. There are three dorms here: men, women, faculty. I live in the women only dorm. No men can come in unless authorized with "security". But I am able to go into the men's dormitory. They have a fitness center and a lounge as well as a study room (there's a study room in my dorm as well). Anyways, it had been raining so I decided it was a good time to watch tv and rest up. I met some more people staying here. Everyone has been very hospitable and kind thus far. Except for anyone driving a car. Drivers here are out of control. They swerve in and out of lanes, get extremely close to the person in front of them (lit. bumper to bumper), and they do it all with SPEED. I get very nervous crossing the streets because I want to wait for a long gap between cars. It NEVER happens. I also try to cross with groups of people so I can hide behind them to make sure I'm not the one that gets hit ;). I haven't seen anyone get hit yet. Because I'm very cautious, "hit by a bus" is going to remain a figure of speech for me!

My dorm

Looking beyond the pedestrian square, you can see the crazy traffic

Because I'm sure I've got my entire family worried, there are streets with minimal traffic like this one.

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