Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not too much for now...

Work is starting to look better. Tomorrow I will be given a computer and some things to do. They are still having difficulties organizing things for me because all of their documents are in Turkish.
I got out of work early. Normally after work I take the metro to Levent Plaza to meet my roommate. From there we take the service bus to our neighborhood. When I got there, we had some time to spend at the mall :). We ordered food to go, and we headed to the bus. We couldn't see the bus anywhere, but we ran into some people that ride the same bus as us. They called the driver who then said that the service was canceled for today. One of the ladies, fortunately for us, said to go with her; we were going to take a taxi. It took us 20-30 min to get a taxi that would take us to the other side of Istanbul (there is a lot of traffic and its just a hassle). The only reason the driver (the third one, by the way) finally agreed to take us was because the lady is pregnant. We eventually made it back home, an hour or so later than normal.

I tried kumpir today. It's basically a baked potato that had it's insides scooped out and mashed around, then put back in with a bunch of things - veggies, meat, etc. It was pretty good.
Tomorrow's Friday!!!! I'm so glad that the weekend is here. It's been a long, boring week.

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  1. its like one of those mashed potato bowls from KFC....looks tasty!