Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life is highway, I want to ride it all night long!

I've had some inquisitions about the cars and traffic here. I must admit, I am obsessed with the cars here as well. There's just so many! And so different too. The streets signs are also different (duh..). I have posted a few pictures prior to this post about traffic/cars. I now have more pictures to explain the public transportation more clearly. There are several types of buses: regular buses, minibuses, metrobuses, service buses, and dolmuş. There is also the metro, as well as taxis and the ferry. Each one costs a different price, but will get you to your destination if given enough time and you know which ones you need! Luckily my friends here are great, and they helped me figure it out!

The regular buses are easy to get on and off. They always say where they go, so if you can read then you're all set! 
Regular bus

Taxis are the same. They're nothing special, and they're expensive.

Minibuses are where the fun is. This is my second favorite mode of transportation (the ferry of course is the first). When you get on, you tell the driver where you want to go, and he tells you how much it will be. The vans can fit at least 20 people at any one time, but the drivers never forget a stop. They are also crazy (swerving in and out of lanes while driving fast - typical Istanbul), and they love honking their horns to get people on-board. It's always an adventure riding in one!
Dolmuş-es are the same as minibuses except that they only take the number of people that can sit down. People can stand in minibuses, but they have to be able to sit in a dolmuş. Because they are more comfortable, they are more expensive. I have yet to ride in one.


Bus stop sign
The metro is probably the least used method of transportation. It is fairly new, and they are actually still adding on. Older maps don't even include my stop.

Metro Station - this was taken at 5:30!


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