Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just one of those days

I wouldn't consider today to be a bad day. Mildly sucky and disappointing, yes. Bad, not quite. I woke up just fine at the normal time and did the normal routine. Then before you know it, time has run out and its time to go. We didn't leave too late, just a few minutes after what we normally do. As we're walking out of the front gate of the dorms I realized that I forgot my camera. I ALWAYS bring it with me wherever I go. As I was pouting while walking down the street, I see that the dress I was wearing is completely wrinkled; I forgot to iron. At this point it doesn't really matter because 2 cars had already honked at us, and there was no way I could fix it. The bus ride went well. Too well actually since we got to work 20 minutes earlier than normal. We decided it was ok to chill at a cafe to kill some time. I got to work a little later than normal, but it was definitely an acceptable time to show up for work.

Within the first half an hour of being there, I was given work. They really figured out the advantages of having an intern around to do all the crappy work. I put invoices into the database. It didn't take me long to figure out how much it sucks if you forget an invoice or type in the number wrong (by accident of course!). In a stack of 200 invoices, you have to double check all of the numbers and make sure they're in the computer correctly. After finishing a couple of sets of invoices, I went to lunch with a group of co-workers. We drove in a car (I think it's the companies...I have no idea though). The gentleman who gives me all of my work was driving, and I went to the garage with him. I figured we were just meeting everyone else there. Without thinking I got into the front seat only to find out 2 min later that we were picking up our bosses in front of the building. I definitely felt bad about it because of seniority stuff. My co-worker that was driving said not to worry about it though..I still did.

Hah we went to a restaurant called Gaga. Anyways, for lunch they gave me a card to charge meals to so I don't have to pay. Guess who couldn't find their card at lunch? Hint: it's probably the same person who thinks they threw it away by accident yesterday at lunch. One of the guys paid for me with his card. After lunch we headed back to the office, where I finished up another set of invoices. While I was waiting for the metro I overheard some people speaking English. Not just any English, AMERICAN ENGLISH!!!!! I introduced myself, and we started talking. The two men work at the Consulate here in Istanbul. We had a really nice talk about Istanbul and sights around Turkey. Now, when I take the metro I go from ITU-Ayazağa to Levent. This is 3 stops. The 2nd stop, however, is 4 Levent (I have no idea why it's called that). I was so excited to talk to them that I heard "Levent" and so I ran off the metro. Stupid me didn't check which Levent. I got off the metro one stop too soon. Then I had to wait for the next train.

After I got off the train at the RIGHT stop, I went to the grocery store in Metro City called MMM Migros. Ok so I've noticed that some of the grocery stores in Turkey weigh your produce and print a sticker before you pay, like a deli. Maybe that do that in America too, but I've never seen it before. So I was trying to buy apples and I saw the scale. Well I'm pressing all kinds of buttons but nothing's printing out. I asked the man at the meat counter for help. He didn't understand what I wanted so he called for reinforcements. That guy didn't understand me either. Luckily some random lady was enjoying herself watching me struggle and finally helped me out. They just weigh them at the check-out, like Meijer. I also wanted to buy bread. I asked the breadman which was the best kind. He gives me this spiel about something or another in Turkish concluding with "You're pretty. Where are you from?" I eventually left Migros with my necessities and headed to the bus.

The walk home was fairly uneventful, except the normal honking and stares. We just laugh at them.When I got to the dorms, the security guard, Ayhan, gave me my cargo (hahaahaha..that's a funny word to use. I think of cargo as bulk shipments not a tiny box). CONTACTS!!!!! I realized that I forgot my extra pairs as I was taking the pair I had with me on the plane. It was by far the best part of my day.

Even though I left my camera in my room, I took some pics when I got home from work.
Özyeğin University Dorms! My building is the one straight back through the gate

Cargo - I got it, Mom!

Normally I'm opposed to room pics on the internet. Everyone keeps bugging me so here y'all go!

Things I've epiphanied (? say it out loud and maybe it will make sense) today:
1. Make the best out of any situation. Just because one minor thing happens doesn't mean your whole day has to go to waste. I can't just call my mom every time something doesn't go my way (haha I guess I can always e-mail her ;)). I have take care of myself.

2. "Good" personal hygiene from the general population of the United States is probably the thing (this discounts people!) I miss the most. You know it's going to be a rough day when you can smell the man 3 OPEN steps ahead of you on the escalator at 8:15 am.

3. I need to try even harder with the language. It's simply irritating that I don't know enough random words to hold an interesting conversation. It sucks not being able to converse with my co-workers. I GOTTA GET THIS S*** DOWN.

4. Be yourself. The past couple of days I've tried pretty hard to fit in with the Turks. It's actually really silly of me. I didn't want to be rude to anyone, nor did I want to offend anyone. Now I know that in order for me to have the best possible trip I need to be Emily Jo Reimann. Starting now, I am no longer going to try to "fit in" (I was born to stand out :)).

I'm glad she's chewing the leashes and not my feet!


  1. You know...if the whole linguistics thing doesn't work out I think you could have a great future as a travel writer. I'm loving your blog (and you!)and look forward to reading it every day! Thanks for doing such a great job!

  2. Ugggh....personal hygine is a must!
    Well, you know tomorrow will be a better day! I miss you!