Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time for July..and vacations

Wow, the last day of June. Time has flown by! Nothing like celebrating the great adventures had and the ones to come like a vacation. This weekend I am going to Cappadocia with some of the other University of Michigan students interning in Istanbul - they don't stay at the same place or work at the same places that I do. We are meeting tomorrow night after work and taking a night bus to Nev┼čehir. We will arrive Friday morning, tour the area Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then return on a night bus again Sunday night. I will be back in Istanbul for sure Monday. I am not sure how internet connections are going to work, or if I will have any :S. I will do my best to keep updated on posting every day!

If you don't know anything about Cappadocia, even if you do maybe it's minimal information, here's what I've collected about the area thus far:

- Cappadocia is an area of natural rock formations
- It's Turkey's most visual area. The landscapes are gorgeous, and there isn't another place like it
- Ancient peoples carved out the insides of the rock formations to create houses
- There are caves, underground cities, as well as hot-air balloon tours (some of which are EXPENSIVE!! but possibly totally worth it..)
- Because of the great hiding places, it plays in important part of history

Basically, it's an amazing place! I'm so excited to go. It's my first big trip out of Istanbul, but I am confident that all will go well.  


  1. I hope you have tons of fun! Watch out for creepers hiding in the rocks :/ I am super excited for you to see it, since I looked it up and it looks freaking gorgeous!

  2. And it's a UNESCO World Heritage site- so cool to be able to check it off the list of "see some time in your lifetime" things.

  3. Make sure you take lots of pictures for those of us who will probably never get to see it in person!