Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday - Happy Hump Day!

First things first, I forgot to tell you about the pictures! I am sorry for the delayed report. The dark cloud of boringness engulfed my life. Thus I forgot. The people at work adored them. They were very excited to see the things and places in the States. Haha it was an afternoon well spent.  I am very appreciative to all of those who sent them (and everyone who mentioned something about it :)). THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! The ladies I work with were also very appreciative. They enjoy learning about the U.S. They like hearing about the States and getting to know me. Also, because there are so few people in the company I'm getting to know them, well most of them, fairly well. One of the ladies even made me a loaf of bread. It's DELICIOUS.

There was a humungo storm earlier today. At first there was just rain, then HAIL (!), which ended in some flooding - Istanbul is built on big hills so there's a lot of water run-off. One of the accountants said he hadn't seen hail in years. Maybe I heard wrong, but that's a crazy long time not to see hail. The storm was so bad that the general manager let people leave early. I didn't leave too early because I had to wait for the service bus regardless. Besides, I wanted to watch as much of the USA-Algeria game as possible. I didn't see much, only the first half an hour or so. That means I didn't get to see the "super-sweet" goal, nor can I find it since youtube is blocked here. Bummer.

I did, however, leave work early enough to stop at the mall for a bit. While I was shopping, it hit me how I miss hanging out with my family and friends. Don't get me wrong, I love it here and I'm having a fabulous time. I just wish it were cheaper to come here so everyone could come visit. I stopped at the pay phone at the mall and took a few minutes to call home. It was good to use a real phone to talk to my family and not just skype. Unfortunately it was only for 2 minutes because that's how much credit I had left. It was definitely worth every second. I love you guys <3.


  1. I'm glad that Betsy and I picked up the phone when you called because we were on our way out the door when it rang! I miss you like none other and I was super excited when I picked up the phone and I realized it was you on the other end!

  2. I was excited that (for once) someone answered the phone! :)