Saturday, June 19, 2010

So many sites, so little time!

SIGHTSEEING!!!! I took the bus this morning to Kadiköy, where I met my friend, Gur, and his mom, Tolunay. We then took the ferry to Karakoy.
The ferry between continents

Tolunay had a meeting/conference thing to attend so we departed ways when we got off the tram. Gur and I started our day at the obelisks that remain from the Hippodrome.
The Obelisk was a gift from the Egyptians

Serpent Column

Turning point for the chariot races at the Hippodrome

Then we walked around some of the backstreets.

Our next stop was the Great Palace Mosaic Museum.



After, we went to Topkapı Palace. It was amazing. I've never seen so many rubies or emeralds! All of them so magnificent. Besides Sultan's belongings, there are religious things on display at the Palace. For example, I saw Moses' stick (supposedly), Muhammad's footprint, Muhammad's beard, Muhammad's sword, the assistant to an assistant of Muhammad's sword, etc. It was very cool.

We toured around the palace more, and then we went to the Archaeology Museum. FLIPPIN SWEET. Another amazing experience. Those sculptures, gravestones, pots, and sarcophagi were so OLD. Ancient. Archaic.
Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great

Unfortunately, we didn't get through a lot of the museum because we were exhausted. We met up with Tolunay and did some shopping. Then we ate dinner. I ate the most intriguing thing. Intestines. It wasn't bad. It tasted kind of weird, but it was edible. Yes, I ate the whole sandwich. After our intestines were full of intestines (hahaha had to say it), we strolled through the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. Whoa. The aromas were intense. I'm not sure if they were good or bad; everything combined was overwhelming.

We then made our way back home. It was definitely more eventful than yesterday! I wish I could add more normal comments underneath pics right now, but I'm really tired. Look for edits soon! I also have more pictures that I will post soon too.

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