Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ohh the joys of being an intern

They've finally figured out that I'm under their control. I am officially doing bleepwork for the rest of the summer. It keeps me busy, and if I'm there I might as well do work. Today I entered checks and invoices into the database, and I stamped checks. It was fun-filled excitement. NOT. On the bright side, my co-workers love to talk and to take breaks. It's always a good time learning Turkish through these conversations as well as teaching English! In other words, it was just a normal day in the crazy city of Istanbul.
Random Pics for the day:
This one's for you, Dad. This is what causes my grief and stress at work

These are for you, Mom. There's a cemetary by the dorms. Color!
And I'm loving the BMW symbol.

Hahahahahaha a restaurant in Kanyon Mall

View from the bridge by my office. That's my metro stop in the building on the right!

There are stray dogs all over Istanbul. This is outside of my office building.

I've finally conquered my head cold! Sooooo, during my down time I've been checking out more sights to see. I took this past weekend off of doing anything too crazy. Now I'm ready to see the world again :).


  1. Num Num! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I want to eat there....it sounds like it would be delicious :)

  2. I about wet myself when I saw it!