Friday, June 11, 2010

Despite waking up feeling like I never went to sleep, today was awesome! I slept on the way to work, which has been a goal of mine the past week, I was able to successfully put more money on my akbil - public transportation pass, AND I actually did things for the company at work today! Even though there is a fairly large language barrier, one of the employees was patient enough to work with me. I half think it's because he's obsessed with Google Translator...but nevertheless he was extremely kind. All I did was enter data into the database for the company. It's a long, tedious process but it needs to be done. It was difficult at first because the database language is Turkish. I kept a running list of the "commonly" used words and from there it was golden. It felt good to finally be doing work. It also helped the people around the office get to know me better. They enjoy the fact that I like to teach them English (they're competing to see who can learn the most haha).

The service bus was on available BOTH ways today, not just one.

Most importantly, the food I had today was delicious. I tried simit, a donut shaped bread roll covered in sesame seeds, as well as kepap. Both were outstanding. There is a website that allows you to select your neighborhood and a restaurant to order from. They then deliver to your door. My roommate and I decided that tonight was a good night to try this. Unfortunately we had no idea what we wanted. After we made our first decision we couldn't figure out how to use the site. We then tried to ask for help, only to end up changing our order. Twice. In the end it turned well; we were both satisfied with our choices!

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